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Merchant Money

Merchant Money is a specialist provider of fast and flexible funding to small businesses in the UK. Their tailored facilities can help SMEs to raise funding for stock purchases, refurbishments, cash flow management, or anything else that they require. With over 5 years of experience, their dedicated lending experts offer a premium service for a competitive price. Using powerful risk assessment technology and some good common sense, we take a revolutionary approach to small business lending. Since they launched in 2013, they’ve helped countless small businesses grow and they intend doing so for many more. In some ways, they are investors more than lenders. If you’re interested in expanding production, buying more stock or hiring new talent, then so are they. Ultimately, they grow by helping you grow.

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Merchant Money

Merchant Money

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With the current economic climate, many lenders insist on collateral to secure a loan. They understand that not every day is business as usual and with an unsecured business loan, there is no need to worry about losing your assets in the event of non-payment. Their only requirement is that a partner or person involved cover the loan if the business is unable to repay.

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