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Let us help you find the best lender to finance your invoices.

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Invoice Value 95%
Broker Fee None
Loans from £10k

How invoice finance can help your business

With invoice finance up to 95% of the value of your invoices could be in your bank the day your invoice is raised. Choose to finance some or all of your sales ledger, you can even select just a single invoice.

Suitable for businesses who trade b2b across a wide range of industries including Recruitment, Manufacturing & Engineering, Haulage & Transport, Construction, Print & Packaging, Wholesale & Distribution, Security.

By releasing up to 95% of the money due from customers, Invoice Finance will improve a businesses cash flow allowing them to pay wages & suppliers, reinvest in the business and fund growth.

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Why use B2B for your invoice finance facility?

We have years of experience in the Invoice Finance market and have access to the UK’s leading invoice finance providers. Speak directly to one of our consultants for free, impartial advice. Our specialist consultants can match your business with the best facility for your industry, requirements and working style. We do not charge for sourcing or arranging your facility.

Why use Invoice Finance?

  • Typically Invoice Finance will provide a far higher availability of cash compared to a traditional overdraft.

What does factoring cost?

Invoice finance comes with two main costs:

  • Service charge – covers the day to day servicing of your facility. Normally between 0.5% and 3% of your annual turnover – depending on the services provided.
  • Discount Fee – Similar to the interest you would pay on an overdraft facility – made up of a base rate and discount margin.
  • The price you pay is dependent upon the service type, facility use, lender and your business profile – We will help you navigate the market to find the product and price that is right for your business.
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Invoice Finance

Using invoice finance will improve your cash flow and help your business grow. We have a range of invoice finance lenders who provide flexible low-cost options to help you release funds with slow to pay customers

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Our online quote system allows you to upload your documents to us in a secure environment. Sign digitally and you can complete in minutes.

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Our team of brokers are mostly ex-high street bankers with 15-30 years of commercial banking experience.

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