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There is no restriction on the use of the funds, however most lenders like to record what the purpose is, in order to better understand how their clients use their facilities. Popular reasons include;

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Spend a few minutes completing our simple application form and we will source you a business loan. In some cases, the money could even be in your account within 48 hours.

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High Street Banks Vs Alternative Lenders

High street banks have the cheapest cost of funds. However, since the credit crunch strict controls have been placed on the risk they are allowed to take in their lending. This has meant that only mature, stable businesses who can clearly demonstrate affordability can obtain funding from high street sources.

As a result of these restrictions a huge ‘gap’ in funding was created by the high street banks. The need to fill this gap gave rise to what has become known as the ‘alternative’ finance industry. Alternative lenders occupy this space and specialise in lending to businesses who;

Alternative lenders do have higher cost of funds that high street banks, but they are willing to take on more risk. The great news is that the alternative finance space is flourishing. Peer-to-peer, hedge fund and privately backed lenders are starting up each month. In fact, the UK alternative finance industry has become global leaders, and the envy of economies around the globe.

As brokers we can not only expose you to all these different types of lenders, but also package and present your case in a way which will deliver you the best possible terms, at the lowest possible rate.

Commercial Mortgage

Term mortgages secured against commercial property, or semi-commercial property. If you are buying or refinancing residential investment property then please use our 'residential buy-to-let' enquiry form.

Residential buy to let

Individual units to large portfolios, blocks of flats to HMOs, we have lenders ready to lend on all types of residential property. They can be owned in your personal name, in a Ltd Co, LLP, Trust, off shore, on shore, you name it, we have lenders who can do it!

Property Development

From experienced developers, to first time builders, from single units to large scale projects, we have a full panel of lenders and an experienced team of brokers to help find the right package for your needs.

Auction Finance

If you are looking at buying a property at auction (or have won a property) we can help you get finance against it. You may want to develop it and sell it, or rent it out, we can get you the right product for your needs and FAST!

Business Loan

Spend a few minutes completing our simple application form and we will source you a business loan. In some cases, the money could even be in your account within 48 hours.

Invoice Finance

Using invoice finance will improve your cash flow and help your business grow. We have a range of invoice finance lenders who provide flexible low-cost options to help you release funds with slow to pay customers

Asset Finance

If you are looking for assistance in financing piece of equipment, vehicles, or even software, we have a number of lenders that are willing to help, and team of experienced brokers to guide you through the process.